Our Nurture Room

We are delighted to have our own Nurture room in St. Malachy’s. A large number of our staff are trained in Nurture and we facilitate two groups a day. 

In our Nurture room in Malachy’s we start our groups with a snack of toast and juice, and then focus on a different activity each day. These include arts and crafts, collaborative board games, mindfulness & meditation, story time, project work, lego construction and circle time. We place an emphasis on social, emotional and communication skills. We do this by having a check in each day on how we are feeling, having a chat during snack time and encouraging the children to work collaboratively throughout their activities. 

Have a look at some pictures of our newly refurbished Nurture room below! You can also read more about the Nurture programme below.


The six principles of nurture infographic


What is nurture?

The nurturing approach offers a range of opportunities for children and young people to engage with nurturing experiences within the school context, giving them the social and emotional skills to do well at school and with peers, develop their resilience and their capacity to deal more confidently with the trials and tribulations of life, for life. Nurture groups are designed to address the social and emotional needs that can hamper pupils’ learning. So as well as providing academic teaching, the group is designed to help children develop vital social skills, to develop confidence and self-respect, and to take pride in behaving well and in achieving.

In nurture groups, there’s a special emphasis on language development and communication: nothing is taken for granted and everything is clearly explained by the staff, with the help of demonstrations and (where helpful) physical gestures. Pupils are given the time they need both to listen and be listened to.