Introduction to our Active School



St. Malachy’s received our Active School Flag in 2018 and in 2021. The Active flag is awarded to schools that ‘strive to achieve a physically active and physically educated community.’ Much hard work was put in under the leadership of Ms. Reape and Ms. Sherlock and the Active Schools Committee. They worked with the staff and children of the school to ensure the school have a broad and balanced PE curriculum as well as helping plan, implement and monitor improvements in PE and physical activity. As part of the process we invited the whole school and local community to participate in the ASF process. So with everyone’s help, ideas and support, we were awarded the Active Flag and have been flying it high since!

St. Malachy’s Active Flags:

St. Malachy’s 1st Flag: 2018

St. Malachy’s 2nd Flag: 2021 (accreditors award)

We are due to renew our next flag in 2024! This will be our third flag!


Our Vision: We aim to assist the children in our school to achieve their potential to lead full, active and healthy lives and derive a sense of enjoyment and fulfilment.

St. Malachy’s Active Slogan: Keep Moving, Keep Improving!


St. Malachy’s has an Active Flag Committee. The committee comprises of the ASF coordinator, pupils from 3rd to 6th classes and other members of the teaching staff. The committee will work together with teachers, parents and local agencies to enable the whole school community to become more physically active.

The pupils on the active schools committee have been given leadership roles:

  • Look after the sports boxes used at break times
  • Keep the P.E. store neat and tidy
  • Make sure all the equipment in the P.E. store are placed in the correct baskets/bags
  • Carry out surveys
  • Report any messages back to their class teachers and classmates
  • Organise and help set up equipment for Sports day/ Be Active ASAP etc
  • Lead warm ups/ cool downs as part of the school activities


Our Active School Notice Board keeps everyone up to date with the latest info and news.

We also have an Active Schools suggestion folder attached to our notice board. This is open for students to suggest any ideas or ways that we can make our school community more active. Our suggestion folder is monitored by the Active School Committee.



Our success criteria for St. Malachy’s:

  • Children enjoy P.E Class.
  • Children realise the importance of being active and exercise in  order to lead a healthy life. Children may set their own targets and goals; thus having responsibility for their activities.
  • Children are given an opportunity to experience camaraderie if they are playing a team sport and representing the school.​​
  • All our games and initiative are inclusive of all children in our school.