Home School Liason Coordinator

Our Home School Community Liaison Coordinator is Jen Maher and she is looking forward to meeting with you. The Home School Scheme fosters the link between home and school and it encourages participation of our parents in their children’s education. To do this we focus on five different areas:

  1. Positive engagement between the home and school.
  2. Improving literacy and numeracy through supporting parents as the primary educators of their children.
  3. Promoting the wellbeing of children through supporting parents, teachers and the class environment.
  4. Improving attendance, participation and retention in partnership with relevant community agencies.
  5. Ensuring a successful transfer at each stage of school life most importantly from junior to senior school and then from primary to post primary.

Jen is always available in the school if you would like to speak about any aspect of school or home life. Eilis also completes home visits as they are also part of the role of the HSCL Co-Ordinator.

Courses are offered throughout the school year and there is a great variety on offer. Watch out for the school newsletters and texts or contact Jen to see the courses that you can avail of!

Parent & Child Activities are also central to supporting the school ethos and the HSCL Co-Ordinator organises these in conjunction with class teachers and are very enjoyable.

Parents in the Classroom is a key activity with the programme. Throughout the year activities are held for parents an example of which is the very popular “ Maths for Fun”.

If Jen can be of any help or support to you, please do not hesitate to contact her at any stage and she will be ready to help. Jen can be contacted at the School’s number.