4th Class – Ms. Brennan Room 4

Wellbeing Week in Room 4

Room 4 have really been enjoying Wellbeing Week this year. We have enjoyed participating in a nature scavenger hunt, completing mindfulness activities, having our hot lunch outside and learning new skills. We learned the skill of Origami and really enjoyed learnnig this new skill. We created jumping frogs using coloured card! 


4th Class Trip to Henrietta Street

On the 21st of March, Ms. Doherty’s and Ms. Brennan’s 4th Classes took a trip to the Henrietta Street Museum. We have read the novel ‘The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street’ by Sarah Webb, which is a book about children who lived in the tenement flats in Dublin 1 in 1911. We loved reading this book and learned so much about what life was like in the tenements in 1911.

Isabella in Ms. Brennan’s 4th Class has a personal link to the Henrietta Street tenement flats as her great-grandad and great-granny were born in Number 13 Henrietta Street and moved into Number 14 when they married before they moved to Finglas. Isabella is pictured below with a photo frame which is a picture of her granduncle when he was a child in Henrietta Street. It’s amazing to have such a personal link to what we have been learning about!

We had a great day touring the museum and learned a lot about the living conditions in the tenement flats. It was great to be able to travel back in time and act as mini-historians for the day. We ate our lunch in King’s Inn Park afterwards which was a lovely treat. A great day of fun for both of our 4th classes!

Pancake Tuesday in Room 4

We had lots of fun in Room 4 for Pancake Tuesday. We had a class pancake party. 

Bhí an-spraoi againn sa Ghaeilge. Scríobhamar an t-oideas amach do ‘Phancóga’. Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as!

Here are some pictures of our day!      




Learning about Money in 4th Class

Room 4 had great fun in Maths learning about Money. They used Chinese takeaway menus and Apache Pizza menus to calculate the cost of different meals and solve maths problems using the menu including real-life practical problems and using a budget. They loved this maths lesson!


Christmas Fun in Room 4

Room 4 had a lot of fun on their last day of school before the Christmas holidays. They have worked so hard this term and earned themselves a treat which was a lovely hot chocolate party to get us all in the Christmas spirit. 

We also had great fun during the Christmas Raffle. Everyone was delighted with their prizes. Thanks to Paula and all our staff for organizing a great raffle. 

Happy Christmas from all in Ms. Brennan’s Room 4. 


Bee Bots in Room 4

We had great fun using the Bee Bots this week in Room 4. We programmed the Bee Bots using different sequences to make them move forward, backward, right and left.  

We have been working on fractions in Maths and once we had solved the answers, we coded the Bee-Bot to move to the correct answer. 

We also created different tracks using lots of turns and we then programmed the Bee-Bot to complete the track by solving the sequence. 





Science Week Fun in Ms. Brennan’s 4th Class

We had great fun this week for Science Week. We did lots of experiments and completed many fun STEM activities. 

We caused a chemical reaction by pouring Mentos into a bottle of Coke, creating an explosion. 

We dissolved Skittles using warm water. The warm water caused the sugar and food colouring to dissolve which created a rainbow of colours. 

We also created a moving car using a motor and electricity circuits.