4th Class Trip to Henrietta Street

On the 21st of March, Ms. Doherty’s and Ms. Brennan’s 4th Classes took a trip to the Henrietta Street Museum. We have read the novel ‘The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street’ by Sarah Webb, which is a book about children who lived in the tenement flats in Dublin 1 in 1911. We loved reading this book and learned so much about what life was like in the tenements in 1911.

Isabella in Ms. Brennan’s 4th Class has a personal link to the Henrietta Street tenement flats as her great-grandad and great-granny were born in Number 13 Henrietta Street and moved into Number 14 when they married before they moved to Finglas. Isabella is pictured below with a photo frame which is a picture of her granduncle when he was a child in Henrietta Street. It’s amazing to have such a personal link to what we have been learning about!

We had a great day touring the museum and learned a lot about the living conditions in the tenement flats. It was great to be able to travel back in time and act as mini-historians for the day. We ate our lunch in King’s Inn Park afterwards which was a lovely treat. A great day of fun for both of our 4th classes!