Physical Activity


  • Our school provides twice daily playground breaks.
  • Our school promotes the full range of fundamental movement skills during break times and pupils are permitted to run.
  • Our school yard is zoned to allow children to engage in a variety of different activities.
  • Our school facilitates the use of sports equipment during break times.
  • ‘Do your talking as you are walking’ is also encouraged during break times. We encourage use of our Active Walkway.
  • All pupils engage in an extended classroom based physical activity break on wet days.
  • We try our best to provide the children with a variety of different physical activities during the year. Some examples that we have done/ are doing; Boxing, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Ball skills and fitness, Hip Hop Dance and Yoga.


St. Malachy’s incorporates physical activity into school calendar events. For example:

  • National Spring Clean Week
  • Easter relay
  • Maths week – Maths trails
  • ASW – Walk on Wednesday
  • Operation Transformation: 10@10
  • The Daily Mile
  • School Trips – Involve Physical Activity
  • Santry Sports Athletics
  • St. Malachy’s Sport for All Day
  • Matches and games


At St. Malachy’s we want to ensure the children get physical activity in their classrooms, even when it is raining and they are unable to go outside. The Active Committee compiled a list of physical activities that can be done very easily in our classrooms every day and if it is raining.                         

  • 10 @ 10
  • Go Noodle
  • Cosmic Yoga
  • Joe Wicks Body coach
  • Bizzy Breaks


We like to Move it, Move it!

We love to get moving during the school day. We have lots of different movement breaks that we like but here are some of our favourites that we use everyday.

  Alphabet Challenge: We like to choose someone’s name at random and spell their name with the exercises. Sometimes we even practise our weekly spellings!!

10@10: We really enjoy the 10@10 with Fingal sports. It is good that we don’t need much space and we can do it at our desks. We like to tune in every Friday for the live session too. 

Walkway Laps: Every class in the school uses the walkway every day to get out and run, walk or jog some laps. We know after the Run Around Ireland Challenge that 7 laps of our walkway = 1 km. 


Some other movement breaks we enjoy are; Go Noodle, Cosmic Yoga, Bizzy Breaks and Joe Wicks.

Sometimes we just like to stop and do some stretching!



Easter Relay

During the week before Easter holidays we ran our Easter relay for 3rd class. This was a great event and all of the children really enjoyed it! 🙂 The relay incorporated some Fundamental Movement Skills such as running, throwing and balancing. Special thanks to the 6th class children who helped out 🙂 🙂





‘Run Around Ireland’ Challenge

We started our ‘Run Around Ireland’ Challenge on Monday 22nd March. We will continue this challenge until Friday 30th April. Each class got the record chart and map to keep track of the different locations reached over the four weeks.


Click on the video below to see us in action!!



































































































Active School Walkway


We established our walkway when we were working towards our first flag in 2018. We use our walkway for many different sports activities along with cross curricular activities.














Sports Con 10@10

We love to get moving with the Sports Con 10@10 online programme. This is one the ways we decrease sedentary time during the school day. This programme is 10 exercises performed for 10 minutes every day. This keeps us fit and healthy and we can do it from inside our own classrooms. We also love tuning in with the live sessions on a Friday!


Coach Paul

We love Tuesdays with Coach Paul! Each class gets a 45 minute session every week in Rivermount hall. We learn lots of different ball handling skills and play a variety of games including football, handball, tennis, frisbee, basketball and lots more! We also participate in fitness circuits and exercise activities. We see our fitness improving already and we really enjoy it!

Click the link below to see some photos of some of the classes in action!



‘Active Break a Day’ Challenge!

Our whole school took part in ‘Active Break a Day’ challenge from Monday 9th November until Friday 4th December. We loved taking active breaks during the school day and will continue to do so!!

Have a look at our twitter page to see updates 




The girls from St. Malachy’s went #GAGA in December to celebrate Dublin City Sports Initiative Get All Girls Active. We had lots of fun doing our workout together.

Click on the link to watch… #GAGA 


School Tours

In St. Malachy’s, we look forward to our active School tours in June. Ms. Reape’s 4th class of 2018/2019 had a great tour in Jumpzone and Harbour Splash. It was so much fun!

Click the link below to watch the photostory

PhotoStory school tour


Santry Sports 2019

The children participated in Santry Sports which was held in Morton Stadium on Monday 20th May (Field events) and Wednesday 22nd (Track events).

They worked so hard in the run up to the event and did themselves and their school proud! Well done to all of the children involved and thanks to the teachers involved Ms. McGrath, Ms. Reape and Carol.

Click the link below to watch the Photostory of Santry Sports 2019

Santry sports photostory



Santry Sports 2018

Well done to all of the children who participated in Santry Sports both on the Monday 21st and Wednesday 23rd of May. Thanks to the teachers Ms. McGrath, Ms. Reape and Carol for their training and making it possible to attend one of our favourite events of the year.



Active Schools Slogan Competition 2018

The standard for the Active Schools Slogan competition was extremely high! The children put in a huge effort. The winner chosen was Ella in room 13.



St. Malachy’s Active Walkway

We are thrilled to say that our Active Walkway is now up and running, thanks to the Active Schools Committee and Thomas our caretaker. We encourage “walking while you’re talking” during the lunch breaks to keep our bodies moving! We are launching our walkway during Active Schools Week with a very special past pupil!!




The children love G.A.A training with Mick from Erin’s Isle club. It’s something they look forward to each week.



Seachtain Na Gaeilge

Bhí rang a trí ag damhsa ‘Ballaí Luimnigh.’

 Bhí siad go hiontach agus chuir gach duine bualadh bos mór dóibh.

Maith sibh! 🙂 🙂 



Sports for Schools Athlete Visit- Caradh O’Donovan

On Thursday 25th January this year we had a very special visit from an athlete from the Sports for Schools initiative. This is an athlete-led physical activity event to inspire children to do more physical activities and sports. We were very happy to welcome a World Champion boxer, Caradh O’Donovan to St. Malachy’s. Caradh and the ‘sportivaters’ ran a terrific fitness circuit for the children in our school. Each class got a chance to participate- even some of the teachers got involved!! The children then had a chance to listen to boxing star speak about her experiences, career and she also gave a boxing demonstration. Following this there was a Q+A session where the children had the opportunity to ask questions.





Run around Europe Challenge

We recently started the ‘Run Around Europe Challenge.’ All of the classes are working very hard to achieve our targets. The class reps are keeping record of how far we run and we hope to reach our destination soon!

Some children from the senior classes measured our yard with a trundle wheel and learned that 1 lap of the yard= 150m. We worked it out that running 7 laps would be just over 1km. We can now easily convert our laps into km’s.




Dublin City Sport and Well-being Partnership Initiative

5th class went GAGA on the 13th of December 2018 participating in a Dublin City Sport and Well-being Partnership initiative where all girls get active. We played volleyball in the hall which was great fun and we received very good feedback via our Twitter page.



IRFU Rugby Training

We are in partnership with the IRFU and are very excited to have a Leinster Rugby coach come to our school to deliver a rugby programme. Each class is given an opportunity to participate in a 6 week programme. By participating in this programme the children will learn and acquire valuable skills to support their physical development. Children learn valuable mental abilities, such as estimating distances by eye. Alongside this, rugby teaches children the importance of discipline – through learning the rules of the sport and abiding by them, as well as how to work effectively within a team to produce results – this also helps children to understand sportsmanship and how they can effectively support their teammates.