Spelling Bee Competition winners

There was great excitement in school over the last few weeks in preparation of the annual Spelling Bee competition.  The pupils has lots of fun in class during the heats and the final children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the finals on Friday.  

The junior’s competition comprised of 3rd and 4th class finalists:

Jessica Petras, Ryan Eva, Ryan Dixon, Ella Groves, Lacey Doyle, Daniel Farrell and Bonnie Mooney from 3rd class.

Kellie O’ Brien, Alex Kearns, Ezekial Gramonte, Symon Glownia, Freya Kearns, Kelsey Jones and Natalia Tokarz.

The winner of the junior competition was Lacey Doyle, a 3rd class girl who in the final round attempted some very tricky 6th class spellings!! – Congratulation Lacey!

The senior competition comprised of 5th and 6th class finalists:

Leon Mc Laren, Adam Barbour, Victory Usoro, Adam Sheehan, Ben O’ Hara, Daniel Mc Laren, Kyle Henderson, Nicholas Sokolowski, Millie Hayes and Michael Galka.

The winner of the senior competition was Nicholas Sokolowski, a 5th class boy who in the final round attempted some very tricky 1st year (secondary school) spellings!! – Congratulation Nicholas!

Lacey Doyle Junior winner

Nicholas Sokolowski senior winner

Junior Finalists

Senior Finalists