Science Week Fun in Ms. Brennan’s 4th Class

We had great fun this week for Science Week. We did lots of experiments and completed many fun STEM activities. 

We caused a chemical reaction by pouring Mentos into a bottle of Coke, creating an explosion. 

We dissolved Skittles using warm water. The warm water caused the sugar and food colouring to dissolve which created a rainbow of colours. 

We also created a moving car using a motor and electricity circuits. 


Fire Safety Week

Our pupils enjoyed a visit from the Dublin Fire Brigade during fire safety week. The children were lucky enough to get the opportunity to learn about all the equipment inside the fire truck and even got the chance to use the water hose! Thank you to the wonderful firemen who took time to visit us. Also a big congratulations to the winners of our Fire safety poster competition!

Green Schools 2023

Some of our 5th and 6th class children representing St. Malachy’s at the Green Schools Water Event! We are working very hard towards getting our Water Flag this year. The children brainstormed some fantastic ideas for water conservation and even created a water-friendly design for our school! Keep up the good work!